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Contributors who have supplied content for this website are gratefully acknowledged by the entire company of Shipmates of the Eastwind Association. It is through your efforts that the memories of our time on this great Cutter are stirred. Be they sweet or otherwise, they are a part of each and everyone of us as they have their own distinct place in the shaping of the people we are today.

We thank you all for your generosity in sharing your pictures, scanned documents, and of course, the stories of your time aboard the Eastwind.

This Contributors Index lists each contribution to this website with the page(s) on which they are shown (including a link) and are listed alphabetically by the name of the contributor.

We're also beginning to compile a Master Site Index in which all items appearing on this website with the page(s) on which they are shown (including a link) will also be listed alphabetically by Subject.

While the site is small, we're also hoping to get a Site Map started to help in understanding what's where. The hope is that, by building this tool while the site is small, it can help us grow the site in something of a thoughtful and purposeful manner.

These indices are provided to make it easy for you to find what interests you. While they will be started with a text processor, building and maintaining them is really more a job for software. As we look for software suitable to this task, your patience with the process of manual cataloging will be appreciated.
If you have experience with software that will help with this task, or even just know of something, your webmaster would appreciate hearing from you. Drop a note to Webmaster@EastwindAssoc.org

Contributor Item Page Filename

Bonner, Warren Extensive Image Collection [Page Name] [Filename]

Brier, Al Image of Ship's Bell
Image of DF-1 Cruise Book Cover

[Page Name] [Filename]

Ellis, Earl T. Image of [Later] [Page Name] [Filename]

Grant, Lee R. * Images, Externstein capture*
Images, German Weather Station capture
Image of "Skunk"*

"Skunk"a Worthy Mascot


LaRiccia, Louie Image of [Later] [Page Name] [Filename]

Morton, Fred Extensive Image Collection
Slide Show '65 Arctic Ice Patrol
Slide Show DF 66, 67

[Page Name] [Filename]

Powers, Ambrose Photos & Newspaper accounts of
JF-2 patrol aircraft explosion

[Page Name] [Filename]

Quintiliani, Joe Arctic East '68 Diving Stories Off Thule AFB [Page Name] [Filename]

Rohnke, Karl Extensive Image Collection, DF-1 [Page Name] [Filename]

Webber, Rick Story of "Skunk" with "factual" contributions
by a half-dozen shipmates

"Skunk"a Worthy Mascot


[Your Name Here]** Image of [Later] [Page Name] [Filename]

{By the way . . .     If you're looking for something you provided to appear on this website and have just concluded that it's not listed, please take comfort in the thought that it is very unlikely to have actually been ("oops") dropped, misplaced, or otherwise "vanished" from off the face of the Earth.

There are a few advantages to our advancing age, like even if grand kids visit, they never "play" unattended in Pop-pop's office. We also no longer keep dogs (to eat our "homework") nor do we keep gerbles or farretts which would love to "nest" in a stack of paper documents.

Please know that your stuff is probably not "lost", but more likely just "in the mill."

However, if you're anxious about not finding your item(s) listed here, just drop a line to our webmaster who will be pleased to address your concern. [Send email to Webmaster@EastwindAssoc.org] The larger this collection becomes, the more likely it is that we've got something that has inadvertantly been "just overlooked" in the cataloging process.}

*Special Recognition
goes to our Scrap-Book keeper, Lee Grant, who has served as a tireless collector of all things photographic about the Eastwind, her people, and her unique place in the history of Polar Exploration of our planet. Those who have provide photos and other documents to him since the beginning of the Association are also thanked and recognized as those who inspired this editor to expand that great collection and to make it available for everyone to learn about the Coast Guard's role in helping people stay safe while they enjoy the marine environment, rescuing them when they need it, and in protecting the planet we all share.

If you have photos or documents from your time on the Eastwind that you'd like to share with your fellow shipmates, we'd love to help you make them available! We are preparing a picture and document scanning guide which you will shortly be able to use to send digital copies to our webmaster. Keep an eye on this spot, right HERE!

We all appreciate your contributions to the memory of our great ship.

Thank you all, and thank you Lee for a masterful job of cataloging!            -ed

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