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This site is dedicated to the memory of a great ship
and to the men who served their country in her presence.


USCGC Eastwind

"Knows No Barrier"


  Commissioned 3 June 1944

Home Port: Boston, Massachusetts

Decommissioned 12 December 1968  


Greetings to ALL Shipmates:

The Eastwind Association invites all who served aboard the USCGC Eastwind, WAGB-279, to make yourself known to us. This web site is dedicated to the purpose of honoring you and the memory of the great ship on which you served, and to provide a venue for reestablishing connections with your shipmates. We would love to hear from you, wherever you are. Our postal and electronic mail addresses are:

Lee Grant, Eastwind Association, PO Box 292, Albany, NH 03818-0292.

Please Note: 
The email address above is active and in daily use. The address shown above is embedded in a non-clickable image to prevent SPAMers from crowding you off our virtual gangway. To send us email, use your usual email software and key-in the above string of letters.
"MiXeD cAsE" letters are permitted, as shown.

ALL correspondence will be automatically acknowledged, however, it might be a day or three before any specific requests can be personally acknowledged.

If you served on the Eastwind at any time in its 24 year lifespan, and this is the first you've heard about the Eastwind Association,we would very much like to enter your name in the master list of your fellow shipmates as "found".
There is no obligation of any kind in doing so, and your contact data will not  be "redistributed" to anyone outside the membership of the Eastwind Association, for any purpose, period!   Privacy policy.

in the Eastwind Association is open to those who served aboard the Eastwind as well as those who were served by the Eastwind and her crew. It is also open to all who share an interest in the history, social impact, and scientific achievements of the Eastwind, all other icebreakers (of any nation), and in the adventure of exploration and discovery in the polar regions of our planet.

For the family members and friends of our shipmates who have preceded the rest of us in "passing over the bar", we offer our collective heart felt condolences and a salute to our mutual friend.


We would like to hear from you, too, about our departed shipmate and your relationship with them.

This web site is intended to be your show-place for pictures, sea-stories (both strictly factual as well as those yarns which gain a little with each telling), and anything connected with the Eastwind.

Many of us have bits and pieces of history that close friends and family have seen and heard about, but which really only see the light of day 2-3 times a year. The primary purpose of this site is to provide a place for you to "show your stuff and tell your stories" to all who have an internet connection, a browser, and an interest in "things polar". Your webmaster will shortly  publish a page with instructions for getting your own collection of Eastwind memories up on this site for all to enjoy...

As this site is in a continuous state of development, we invite you to return often to see "what's new". In doing so, you will inevitably run across descriptions, copies of documents, and photographs of events, places, and people with whom you have personal knowledge. Often, such things will prompt your own recollections of events and stories not seen on these pages or anywhere else on the Internet. We would very much like to have your comments; please send them to the addresses listed above.

Kindest personal regards,

       Alan K. Brier, Leader  
LeRoy R. Grant, Treasurer
Earl Ellis, Database
Tom Dann, Historian
Richard E. Webber, Webmaster




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