Newsletter No. 34
June, 2004

EASTWIND Association
LeRoy R. Grant, Treasurer
PO Box 292 - Albany, NH 03818

  "Other duties" require the completion of this posting to be on a time available basis. As the paper newsletter was received by "snail mail" 7-12-04, it is hoped to have this web version fully up to date very shortly. All links (including those to the Ship's Store, Membership Form, etc.) will be activated at that time. -Webm  

Eastwind Scuttlebutt
We welcome your input to "Scuttlebutt"!!!

Friday, 6 August 2004, we once again plan to participate in the Coast Guard Family Picnic at the Coast Guard Academy, New London. As in the past, look for Penguins and Polar Bear flags down on the athletic field. We'll again have a mini-reunion get-together of Shipmates. It has been a great picnic day where we renew acquaintances and "tell Sea Stories" to one-another. Plan to join us. Contact QMC Al "Henry" Hudson at 860.296.0445 and let him know you (and who?) will be attending. We'll obtain the can pay-up when you get there...about $6.00 per person. We just need to know you are coming so we can obtain enough tickets. It has always been a well-attended mini-reunion. Plan ahead! Call! Welcome aboard!


EASTWIND ASSOCIATION Allan K. Brier, Leader LeRoy R. Grant, Treasurer
  Earl T. Ellis, Database Richard E. Webber, Webmaster

EASTWIND Association has under construction a web site. RICK WEBBER ('67 Shipmate) is webmaster. Rick's efforts have been toward allowing us to present a site where information concerning our ship may be found, and those who are e-mail knowledgeable can communicate among yourselves. The web-site will be found at, and it is a "project in the making". It will provide info concerning Ship's History, Shipmates, Ship's Stores, Sea Stories, a Photo Gallery, and Web Links to other sites, and Reunion postings. More may be added as progress is made. HOWEVER, Membership listings will be "Read Only", giving only Name and "served aboard" info, so that we protect our Shipmates from exposure to mass-mailings by those who might seek to "download" name and address info.

Our detailed information is for specific use within the Association, among Shipmates, and is not in any way to be otherwise available for solicitation. I hope that you concur with this idea and share with me this unavailability of info. I strongly believe in the privatization of the Association's information integrity. Paid members receive a yearly up-dated Roster of All Shipmates, and that too is only for use by and among Shipmates. It is NOT to be used for any other purpose.

Ship's Store
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SHIP's STORE sales continue and steadily grow. BUT it would be appreciated if some Shipmate would VOLUNTEER to take over the SHIP's STORE OPERATION. I (AKB) have been doing this function since Jan 2003, and though it's not an onerous task, it would be great if Lee Grant and I could find another Shipmate to share the EASTWIND Association leadership.

Annual Membership Renewals

End of May begins another membership renewal year for those who have paid dues for only one year at $25. The dues defray costs for printing, mailing, stocking the Ship's Store, and printing of the annual Roster up-date in November, which is mailed to all paid-up shipmates. A membership form for your convenience is available by clicking [here]. Just print the form, fill it in, attach your check, and send it in!

Laughlin Reunion a Huge Success

The 2004 off-year reunion of the Eastwind Association held at the Ramada Express in Laughlin, Nevada was a huge success; 120 Shipmates and guests occupied 78 rooms. Every day was filled with activities and Shipmates and wives (or significant others) chipped in to help ease the committee's load. A Bluegrass Festival started the week and a flag raising ceremony completed the week. Perhaps the highlight of the week was Thursday evening's Captain's Mast presided over by Captain Bailey to the beat of "Semper Paratus". The Golf Tournament, chaired by Tom White, was a lot of fun on a beautiful course complete with GPS equipped carts. 120 Door prizes were awarded to lucky attendees ranging from authentic Antarctic dollar bills to three couples having their week's stay 'comped' by Ramada. Wednesday's highlight was the River Boat Dinner Cruise complete with our own Executive Officer, John Oberlander who was dressed for the occasion. All agreed that the food on the cruise and the food at Ramada was superior and well worth the meager cost.

Ray Buckner and Al Brier examine an extremely close to commissioning model of the Eastwind made by Fruce Mason of Flagstaff, Arizona, right.
[The image above was scanned directly from the newsletter and will be replaced as soon as the original can be obtained. -Webm]

These are the Shipmates who attended: (Bold denotes Plankowners)

Brian Arruda, Brian Bailey, Capt C. Wm. Bailey, Don Bailey, Warren Bernard, Malcom Bone, Warren Bonner, David Borden, Bob Bourret, Al Brier, Stuart Brynn, Ray Buckner, Lambert Burke, Bob Couture, Bill Cundiff, Tommy Dighiera, Bob Dinsmore, Archie Ferrarini, Lee Folsom, Barry Friends, Bob Fritz, John Gagliastro, Bob Gannon, Ed Gelinas, Bert Giffin, Joye Gilbreath, Carl Gloretski, LeRoy Grant, Bill Hendry, Don Hitchcock, Byron Hixon, Carlie Holt, Dave Hunter, Jerry Hurd, Louie LaRiccia, John Letos, Jerry Lewis, Al Manning, Bruce Mason*, Louie Mattia, Mike McFadden, Leo McNamara, Rich Moland, Frank Moore, Fred Morton, Jack Nelson, John Oberlander, Ozzie Ostervold, John Parker, John Petrus, 'Ambie' Powers, John Quatkenmeyer, Joe Quintilliani, Ron Rarick, George 'Chip' Robinson, Harold Saabye, Don St. Laurent, Wayne Salaam, Ray Smith, Jake Szemela, Bobby Thompson (and baby Murphy), Don Thompson, Dave Tibbetts, Jim Tyner, Joe Vanek, Jim Walker, Frank Watling, Rick Webber, Tom White, Don Wroncy, Rob Zipperer, Sharalyn Znaor, Homer Zuspann.

Frank Abrams got as far as Las Vegas but, on account of a medical situation, he was unable to continue on to Laughlin. He is now home in New York and recuperating.

Using the Mississippi River as "the Great Divide", 24 west coast and 44 east coast Shipmates attended. One, Mike McFadden, rumor has it, crossed over back to Iowa from Michigan, but we can't substantiate it 'cause he hasn't sent an address change for this newsletter.

The total is 69 Shipmates, of which 42 were paid members [of the Assn] (some only through 31 May 2004). Some came for the first time, (Some came for the gambling!) Others came, 'cause the always come to EASTWIND gatherings.

SHIPMATES! ALL are welcome any time and any where we have a get-together.

Updates to the EASTWIND Roster, as of June 26, 2004

[Names and Current Status changes of Shipmates listed in the "Updates" section of the printed newsletter are listed below. "Served Aboard" data will be added as it becomes available. Refer to the printed version of this newsletter for updated contact info for the Shipmates listed below.]

If you don't have a Roster of All Shipmates, (updated annually) it may be that you aren't a paid member of the Eastwind Association.

Membership in the Eastwind Association is open to all who served on the Eastwind (or any other Wind Class icebreaker) at any time, or who have an interest in the Arctic or Antarctic, and the history, social impact, scientific achievements, and adventure of exploration and discovery in polar regions.

To sign up, click [here] to go to our membership application. Print it, fill it in, attach your check for $25 made payable to EASTWIND ASSOCIATION, and send it to LeRoy R. Grant, Treasurer, Eastwind Association, P.O. Box 292, Albany, NH 03818

Notice: All contact info, by order of our Fearless Leader, will NOT be available on this web site. -Webm

Data is presented in the form of:
[last name], [first name or initial], [middle name or initial if avail], [years and/or cruises served aboard, if available]

  Beltrami, Robert T. DF1
  Bone, Malcome 55-56, DF1, 1N
  Crue, Charles R. 54-56, DF1
  Gaudette, Richard 55-56, DF1


  Re-Found - New Address/New Interest:
  Power, J. David  
  St. Laurent  


  New Info - Changes of Address/Zip/Area Code:
  Bernardi, Frank 55-57, 1S, 3N
  Verrill 65-67, 1N, 1S, World


  Lost - Bad Address/Unknown/Return to Sender/Forwarding Expired:
  Power, J. David  
  St. Laurent  


  Crossed Over the Bar:
  Chapman, Dewey Easley 49
  Karafotias, Herbert Wilcox 52-54
  Kreher, Roman A. 51-56
  Spreter (not Sprater)  

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