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USCGC Eastwind

"Knows No Barriers"


Icebreaker Musters

Nashville, Tennessee

 UPDATE! - Friday, 5-14-10 Nashville
 'Most everybody made it! - and a grand time is being enjoyed by all!

      Some venues still recovering from flood, others gun-shy with today's t'storms! 2nd Street declared "OPEN" this afternoon; Grand Ole Opry is "on the road again", and the Grand Ole Opry Hotel is said to be planning to reopen in November in time for their Christmas show . . .
The tour of the Jack Daniels Distillery was a 'heady' success, and the Hermitage was suprisingly informative.
  The General Jackson was removed from service, but our top notch host (Louie) put on the hustle and provided a pretty good show (including dinner) which was enjoyed at some level by everyone who came. GREAT JOB, LOUIE!!!
       Touring picks up in earnest again tomorrow (Saturday) at the Belle Meade Plantation and we'll finish out by tracking down this week's location of the Grand Ole Opry Radio Show. (You'll be able to 'tune-in' to familiar hoots and hollers of Icebreaker Shipmates on the web at Saturday's program which can be heard at wsmonline.com. A lineup of entertainers can be viewed at www.opry.com/shows/ThisWeek.html.)


FLASH! - Icebreaker Muster II in ("flood ravaged") Nashville is ON!
       (Actually, it's never been "off", but with no credible updates on the recent "high water" conditions and the media frenzy filling the void, many unanswered questions have been flying around! Here's an attempt to address a few . . . -rew, ed.)

408pm (ET) Friday, May 7, 2010 - FLOODED NASHVILLE is drying out -
     and F A S T, according to a telephone call placed this afternoon to the customer service desk at the Holiday Inn Select Opryland-Airport, the site of the ICEBREAKER MUSTER II.

Cheryl reported that "Yes, we did have a little water on the property along the north boundary where there's a small creek, and while it did close the back driveway briefly, all of that's been gone for DAYS, and there has been NO WATER INSIDE the facilities! We've had easy and continuous access by way of the main entrance on Elm Hill Pike through the whole event. All the interstate highways have been reopened, so it's easy sailing to get into Nashville from all points of the compas."

She also provided a brief overview of the extensive entertainment venues in Nashville. "A good number of entertainment venues in town have reopened yesterday and today. While some are still closed, some of the more heavily damaged properties will be open on a limited basis while repairs are made, and of course, a few will be closed for an extended period of time. Most of those not open today are planning on resuming business this weekend or first thing Monday."

Then, she pumped it up: "For you folks in the Icebreaker Muster, PLEASE COME - WE'RE OPEN and getting ready to host all of you for a GREAT TIME of renewing old friendships and having some great fun besides!"

For me, "venues" are OK, but I'm primarily coming to VISIT with shipmates that perpetually have ICE in their VEINS.

-Richard E.Webber, Webmaster, The Eastwind Association



May 17-21, 2004
Ramada Express Hotel Casino
Laughlin, Nevada

May, 2002
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