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Eastwind Association Reunions

USCG Icebreaker Musters

The Eastwind Association meets in the early summer [Northern Hemisphere] of odd numbered years at a variety of locations in the Northeastern United States centered on our ship's home port of Boston, Mass.

USCG Icebreaker Musters occur in the early summer [Northern Hemisphere] of even numbered years at a variety of locations around the United States. While the Eastwind Association usually has the largest ship's presence, those serving on all USCG Icebreakers (wind class, et al) are welcome to come and swap a yarn or two and celebrate our common interest and experience in all things "polar".

Listed immediately below is a variety of information and photos about the next reunion. Below this is similar information and photos about previous reunions. Travel backwards in time by scrolling farther and farther down the page. All reunion years will be listed. Any who have photos and stories from prior reunions and would like to share them are encouraged to do so. See "Getting your stuff uploaded to this website" by clicking >>> here!

A similar listing (for Icebreaker Musters) to that shown below for the Eastwind Association will be found >>> here!

Eastwind Association Shipmate Reunion

1993 2013

June 12-16, 2013
Wednesday through Sunday
Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine is the port of call for the next biennial reunion of the Eastwind Association.

Come Meet Old Friends and have a Good Time!

>>>    2013 Reunion Registration DEADLINE Looms!!!    <<<

You MUST  Register no later than Monday, May 13, 2013

If you need a registration form and haven't received a newsletter recently, here's one scanned directly from the latest newsletter, #67 April, 2013.

FIRST: Just print it, fill it in, [make a copy for your own records] then make out your check to EASTWIND ASSOCIATION and mail your Registration AND Check to LeRoy R. Grant, Treas. PO Box 292, Albany, NH 03818-0292 in time to arrive before Monday, May 13, 2013, which is the cut-off date.

Questions? Refer to his phone and email address as he published them, right above the line that says "IMPORTANT NOTES".

THEN: Pick up the phone and call the Best Western Merry Manor Inn (207) 774.6151 and make reservations for your room. If you want the discounted rate, you must do two things:

1- You must place your reservation directly with the Merry Manor Inn, and NOT with the Best Western National Reservation System. That number is (207) 774.6151

2- You must ask for the discounted rate by identifying yourself as part of the Eastwind Association.

That's IT!

Hope to see you in Portland!

If you have ever wanted to just sit 'n' visit with those special folks from your Eastwind days, this get-together is just about the best possible time and place you could ever find, anywhere in the world,  to drop a hook and just have at it! We're planning multiple, seqential days for you to be able to catch up with fellow shipmates! You'll have time to hear the best yarns from the best "story" tellers there are! Why, you may even get a chance to offer a few "tales of daring do" of your own!

Believe it or not, there will be some FIRST TIME ATTENDEES for you to "welcome back" to the one of a kind atmosphere of camaraderie and serious fun that only EVER existed on the USCGC Eastwind!

If Maritime History is your hot button, there are many  historic locations and museums which abound in these shoals, and there will be plenty of piloting assitance to guide you to these hallowed halls of seafaring lore where the critical role the Coast Guard influenced the place and people of New England in general, and of Maine in specific.
Among others, there are:

       The Portsmouth Shipyard including the Albacore Memorial
       The Maine Maritime Museum
       Beyond the Breakers

            . . . and a host of others too extensive to list here.

FRIDAY we'll hol' up for a Lobster Bake (or prime rib if you prefer) that includes an entertaining Dinner Theatre which is the talk of New England!

SATURDAY there will be more chewing of the fat and SERIOUS Yarn Spinning!
      200 - 400 PM is the time set aside for our biennial Busines Meeting
      600 - 700 PM Cocktail Hour featuring a CASH BAR followed immediately at
      700 PM with our Saturday Evening Banquet

      After dessert entertainment will be provided by the frolicking fun of our own

Louie LaRiccia, the Official Eastwind Association, Cargo Hold Auctioneer!

SUNDAY Morning we'll enjoy our "Farewell Buffet" before shoving off for another round of LIFE as only Coasties can live it.

While the "Official" Eastwind Reunion dates are those shown above, our crack Reunion Organizing Committee has negotiated extended stay nights, exclusively for the Eastwind Association from the nice folks at our "home away from home", the Merry Manor Inn in South Portland, Maine.

Here's how it works: On a space available basis, Eastwind Shipmates wishing to make the Portland area a vacation destination may reserve contiguous days immediately before and after our official reunion dates, at the Eastwind Association Reunion group rate. Parking is free at the Merry Manor Inn and they have a newly remodeled restaurant for us to enjoy.

To reserve your extended stay dates, you must call the Merry Manor Inn directly at (207) 774.6151 and make reference to the Eastwind Reunion.

Other information about the Best Western Merry Manor Inn is available on their website at www.MerryManorInn.com

More to be posted shortly!
Yeah, I know it's a lot of text, but I'm short on pictures. If you've got some showing how Eastwinders "catch up" from previous reunions and would like to share them, please send them! Webmaster@EastwindAssoc.org

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