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Just returned from Reunion IX in Portland, Maine. As usual, Lee Grant and the members of his reunion planning committee did a bang-up job! Thanks again, Lee!  [Pictures will be added here as soon as they can be downloaded from the camera.]

• Added Newsletter #59, scanned from my own paper copy in spite of its being "Spindled, Staped, AND Mutilated" by the US Mule. Couldn't help but add color to the images on p1 and p8.

[As my eyes are requiring some additional help these days, it seemed reasonable to assume that others would also appreciate the ability to "kick it up a notch" in size. Most (recent) browsers will do this by holding the Control Key (marked "Ctrl") then stroking the "+" key as many times as necessary to bring it up to the size you can use. (Reverse: <ctrl>+"-") To accomplish this, the file size had to be kicked up a notch to create the additional bits you'll appreciate looking at. However, due to its size (9+ MB) it will take a few extra moments to load.]

• Minor updates to HOME page, mostly style tweaks.




Newsletter #59


• Fleshed out the concept of the Contributors page, made the initial entries, and uploaded. Each contributor will get their own page with a descriptive list and thumbnail images of what they've provided for our site.

• Added "Site Map" to the bottom navigation bar on the Contributors page. This will shortly work its way across the site.

• "Ship's History" page is way too big!  Next session it will be broken down into several obvious subdivisions: The History of the Concept of Seagoing Icebreaking, and Eastwind's Part in that History.


Naw! It can't be that long!?!  I knew it had been a while, but not three years!!!  WOW!!! I'll buy anyone a drink who also feels like their brain has been sucked dry by the last year! Drop me a note at prior to our arrival in Portland on 6.14.11. Print the note that comes back, jump through the four hoops, then bring it with you to Portland, and you're ON THE LIST! [Limit ONE per day! from now to 6.14! I might be generous, but I ain't rich!]

OK! Tonight it was "Field Day" on the Index page. WOW! It was great seeing so many folks make it to Nashville last spring.

• Shipped all that off to a new page for the Icebreaker Reunions

• Reworked the Reunions page to draw a clear distinction between Eastwind Association reunions and Icebreaker Musters. Added links, and removed Muster stuff to its own page.

• Discovered the "Contributors" link from the home page points to "Roster". [daaa!] Built a place-holder (for "contributors") for that link. Those who contribute their stuff to this site should at least receive a note of thanks and recognition for their gift to us all!





Icebreaker Muster Info




-Added names to Roster page. roster.html
5.21.08 -Added names to Roster page. roster.html
5.18.08 -Added below.html, an explanation of Internet file termanology.
-Revised missing.html, adding a link to below.html
-Revised /index.html to include a picture to break up the text
  so it isn't quite so text-heavy.
-Revised /index.html, added Auto-Reply to and email addresses for
  leadership team.

5.17.08 -Revised Roster Page Roster

-Uploaded entire site to new domain name:
-Minor updates on home page and replacement of email image
  file showing new domain name.

-Uploaded file to receive Newsletter #38 Newsletter 38
-Final touches on Skunk's story. Skunk's Story
-Corrected dates referring to DF-1.
-Fleshed out Skunk's story, post and likely geography.
Ship's History
Skunk's Story
Added link to the Icebreaker Muster site.
Added link to Warren Bonner's Eastwind-Home-Page.
Posted Newsletter 37 Newsletter 37
  Earl Ellis reports a full recovery of the Ship's Roster Database. Rick Webber, Webmaster receives a limited hand-off copy for our site.

-Added "What's New" page
-Added "Misc Interesting Stuff" page

What's New
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